For all I am

PhotoGrid_1461881198348For all I need is
when you stare at me,
on one of those sleepless nights,
you feel the love
superseding the pain.
For all I want is
when you look at the stars,
with eyes that have seen wars,
you feel the light
illuminating the dark.
For all I seek is
when the world is full of chaos,
and the loved ones have left us alone,
you rescue me
from the chains of my own.

Would we connect?

IMG_20170430_003108_308.jpgIf my hair wrote mystery
instead of melancholy,
Would we connect?
If my eyes displayed romcom
instead of memories,
Would we connect?
If my lips painted ‘The Kiss’
instead of sadness,
Would we connect?
If my tongue emitted Wi-Fi
instead of poetry,
Would we connect?
If my neck projected drama
instead of Karma,
Would we connect?
If my footsteps inspired wanderers
instead of loners,
Would we connect?
Or If my body composed music
instead of cacophony,
Would we connect?


photogrid_1483396827937Remember, no one is going to look at you, all broken, depressed, and shattered, and think- Damn, She’s got something! She is beautiful!
No one would appreciate that.
Even the phrase, “Broken is beautiful.” is a lie.
All those poets, writers, artists have lied in their poems, stories and songs that said embraced pain is beauty.
Pain isn’t something to be embraced. It is to be forgotten. It is to be overruled.
Pain is just a lame excuse of encouraging alienation from self.
It is a constant reminder of one’s lack of reconstruction, reinvention, and growth.
And Darling, do you really think all these sleepless nights for temporary loses is a sign of bravery?
Do you really think your self destruction is an answer of every wrong you’ve suffered?
Do you think they’re gonna realise and comeback with apologies?
So stop it and wake up.
Wake up and brace up and design a new YOU.
A better and stronger version of the old YOU.
A motivated, inspired and independent YOU.
An indestructible YOU.



‘The popping sunset up on the hill’
And here I see the most beautiful sunset. So I think it’s okay for me to get all real and kind of philosophical with what i have to say/write…
Yes somedays
You need to get up and make things happen. Gather up some warmth and inspiration. Realise that the best time is the very moment, it is right now.
You need to be lost in lands where you have no identity. Where you are just alone by yourself, enjoying your solitude.
You need to overcome every damn thing that has meant to destroy you.
You need to stop losing yourself inside someone else’s perspective of you.
You need to learn how to close a door, forever. Cut and cauterize.
Let’s face it, everyone goes through a time in their life, where nothing seems right.
Because this is LIFE.
Here, every low leads to a high.



I have seen darkness
I seek light
I have been lonely
I value company
I have tasted depression
I desire contentment
I have loved hard
I fear rejections
And because
My vessels are weak
I crave for RED.

Isn’t that scary?


“Poetry”, she said, “is a connecting thread between the outer world and the inner self.”

She wanted to write something.

Something that people can relate to.

Something that takes them back to when they were happy and content.

Something they are afraid to read out loud.

Something that is trapped inside their hearts and is irreplaceable.

She wanted to write poetry.

But she was poetry.

Isn’t that scary?


“Music”, she said, “is my refugee. It expresses what’s hidden inside.”

She wanted to sing.

A song about her life, about the heartaches, about the happy moments.

Song that says love’s both terrifying and amazing.

Song that people cannot resist.

Song they listen to over and over again, on saturday nights and sunday mornings.

Song that shows how lovely it is to let the imagination win over reality.

She wanted to sing a song.

But she was a song.

Isn’t that scary?

2015-12-17 15.25.00.jpg

“Chai” , she said, “is not a drink but a feeling.”

And when she took a sip of it from her big cup, she swallowed the entire universe.

And in the very moment, the warmth of the tea wrote a story; too dark and stormy, too cold and ugly.

Isn’t that scary?

Music-Evoked Nostalgia

IMG_20151028_044230“With the right music,

You either forget

everything or you

remember everything.”

Oh yeah, in the strongest way, music brings back old memories. For some(Melomaniacs actually), music can induce nostalgia quickly and easily.

Music has an incredible power to take us back; to allow our minds to revisit into the past; to reveal what we miss, how things used to be. It provides a psychological window into the faded memories; good or bad, explicit or implicit, accompanied by tears or smiles…

Certain songs, especially the dedicated ones, can stir powerful emotions and transport us back in time; to a moment, or a place, or even a person. No matter how things have changed, some people have changed, these songs stay the same.

The power of music is a time capsule for each individual. And if an old song is bringing back sad memories, find a new track, a better one, that will lift your spirit and create a new happy memory.